sand bags

Empty Sand Bags

Highway 1 Sandbags have been designed for long life and high visibility. They will not rot or breakdown in the heat or in the sun.

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filled sand bags

Full Sand Bags

They are made from a special heavy duty Poly-Ethylene material with additives that  enhance the strength and prolong the life of the bag.

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Description & Benefits

Unlike normal sandbags (hessian, cloth and standard PE) the Highway 1 sand bags will not rot in the wet or breakdown in the heat or in the sun. Their tight weave and added weight also means that it is less likely they will tear and therefore have a longer life.

Other sandbags may cost less but will only last 2-3 months before they begin to crumble and tear. The Highway 1 Long-Life sand bags lasts in all weather conditions and represents excellent value for money.


  • 18-20kgs (call us if you require a specific weight)
  • Rot resistant PE material.
  • Does not breakdown in heat or sunlight
  • Last longer than standard sandbags
  • Bright Orange For Hi-Visibility