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Description & Benefits

Our Road Cone Series is NZTA compliant – this means they can be used on the NZ Roading Networks.

Our NZ Cone Series are not NZTA compliant which means they can be used in car parks, warehouses and sports fields.


There are two main types of compliant road cones in the New Zealand market – the wide body (Classic and Universal Cones) and slim profile cones (Aero Cones).

The Aero Cone is the most common cone you will see on New Zealand’s streets and highways.  They are NZTA compliant for the NZ roading network.  They have been manufactured from a high quality UV stabilsed PVC which means its bright orange fluorescent colour lasts even longer in the harsh sunlight we experience in New Zealand. They are excellent road cones (also known as safety cones, street cones, highway cones, witches hats) which perform well in both high and low temperature environments.

The Classic and Universal Cones are high quality wide profile safety cone made from a single piece mold. Both the wide and slim profile cones are 900mm high and have two reflective bands, the only difference is the profile of the cone. The Aerocone has a slimmer profile and a slightly lower center of gravity giving it more stability in windy environments.

Universal Cones – This cone is unique and was developed to fit the majority of wide bodied cones in the NZ market. They have been designed to fit the other major wide bodied cones brands which means your cones will no longer get stuck.

Popup Cones are collapsible for great compact storage. With a weighted base and a built in flashing light, which slots in under the base.  These are perfect for people or crews that don’t need to use cones all the time and space in the vehicle is a premium.

Sports Cones – These are a great cone for sports teams.  Lightweight and robust but heavy enough not to blow away in the wind and big enough to be easily seen

Branded Cones –Your logo not only increases your branding and profile out on the road but it also helps you to identify your cones after they have grown legs and walked onto someone’s site.