Wheelstop 1.8m One Piece

$75.20 + GST

Description & Benefits

The 1.8m single piece wheel stops (also called car stops or parking blocks ) are made from a long lasting high density virgin rubber. This means it is both hardwaring and resistant to UV light. They are covered is a texturised yellow reflective that promotes visibility during the day and night.

Dynabolts or Road Spikes not included

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How to install a Wheelstop

It's easy enough for anyone to do it

Highway 1

Measure the distance


Highway 1


You will need a hammer drill

Highway 1

Screw in Dynabolts

Use dynabolts for Concrete substratest

Highway 1

Hammer in Spike

This is for Asphalt or gravel surfaces

Highway 1

Apply Glue

Use this only with thin concrete pads

Highway 1

Apply to outside and main edges

Bonderox Glue