Bitubind Solid Adhesion Agent

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Description & Benefit

Bitubind AS18 is a high quality Anti-Stripping Agent that works on the majority of aggregate and bitumen types in New Zealand. It has been used in New Zealand for the last 4 years by many contractors from Southland to Northland.

Bitubind AS18 is a tallow amine product which essentially works as an emulsifier between water and oil. If helps the bitumen reach through the water layer of wet aggregate to create a strong bond with the aggregate. This is particularly important for chipseal roads where wet or damp chip is being spread onto hot bitumen that has just been sprayed onto the road. The anti-stripping qualities of the tallow amine prevents stones from ‘stripping’ or falling off the road and leaving bald patches because they haven’t been able to make a good bond with the bitumen.

Bitubind AS18 also works as an adhesion agent in asphalt to improve the bond between stone and bitumen to create stronger more durable asphalt mixes.


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