Benefits of the Bitumend System


Bitumend™ Coldmix is an extremely high quality polymer modified cold asphalt that has years of proven experience in New Zealand and through the South Pacific in both extremely hot and cold climates.


We have made this system so easy that small operators can make a high quality coldmix with little upfront investment while larger companies with hotmix asphalt plants can make 100’s of tonnes in a single pass through an asphalt plant without any modifications to their plant or equipment.


We will partner with you and give you all the training, expertise and branding to start building a successful cold asphalt business.

coldmix binder

Want to know more about making your own coldmix

Coldmix Binder

Bitumend Coldmix Binder

Binder used to make Bitumend® Coldmix. It produces premium cold asphalt.

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plantmix polymer

Plantmix Polymer

Binder used to produce Bitumend® Plantmix.It produces premium plantmix asphalt

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Bitubind Rapmix Binder

Bitubind Rapmix Binder

Binder used to produce Bitumend® Rapmix.Produces premium cold asphalt.

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