Bitumend Crackfix Concrete

Bitumend Concrete Crackfix

Protects your concrete from pothols by sealing up the cracks and preventing water getting under the concrete.

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Bitumend Crackfix Asphalt

Bitumend Asphalt Crackfix

Protects your asphalt from pothols by sealing up the cracks and preventing water getting under the asphalt.

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Bitumend crack tape

Bitumend Crack tape – 10m Rolls

Apply to joint seals and cracks by simply using a blow torch to melt the bitumend to the ground.

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Bitumen Blocks

Bitumend Blocks

Polymer Modified Bitumen Blocks used for cracksealing.

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Crackfix U Squeegee

Crackfix U-Squeegee

has a neoprene rubberblade, is heavy duty and perfect for applying Crackfix along the cracks you want to repair.

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Crack Seal Pump

Bitumend Crackfix Pump

This small, powerfully, lightweight drum pump will speed up repairs.You won’t need to constantly refill pour pots or move drums.

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Bitumend® Crackfix is so easy to use – anyone can do it and it protects your asphalt or concrete, seals up the cracks and prevents water getting under the asphalt/concrete that is the main cause of potholes.

  • Black polymer modified bitumen emulsion
  • Easy to use
  • No special equipment needed
  • No heating required
  • The DIY containers come with a pour spout for ease of use
  • Can be used in asphalt and concrete
  • Can be driven over soon after installation (5-30mins)
  • Very cost effective