New bulk bags for coldmix

Bitumend Coldmix 500kg & 1000kg Bags

Permanent pothole repair kit in a bag.Ideal for fixing potholes or making asphalt repairs in roads or carparks.Immediately trafficable.

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bitumend coldmix

Bitumend Coldmix 20kg Bag

Permanent pothole repair kit.Ideal for fixing potholes or making asphalt repairs in your driveway or carpark. No emulsion required.

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Construction Joint Filler

Construction Joint Filler 20Litre – Primer

Designed specifically for the reinstatement of micro trenches 10mm – 25mm wide.Dramatically improving the result.

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Descriptions & Benefits

Our construction joint filler products and other concrete crack repair and maintenance products have been setting the standard in our industry for decades.