FlexiPosts & Bollards NZ

Carpark Bollards

Flexipost 800mm

$66.81 + GST

Best Selling

T-Top Bollard

$39.14 + GST

Carpark Bollards

T-Top Stacker

$50.34 + GST

Carpark Bollards

T-Top Bollard Fixings

$5.85 + GST

Carpark Bollards

Lane Separator System

$99.40 + GST

Description & Benefits

The Flixi-Post and Bollard Series are used for more semi-permanent and permanent environments where you want to direct pedestrians and traffic without the bollard being easily moved or blown away.  The bollard has a long life as they will return to vertical every time it is run over.

The bollard is designed for maximum visibility, quick setup and low maintenance. These movable bollards or delineation posts have a “flare-bottom” design to ensure positive locking of post and base.  Delineation bases are made from high quality rubber.  They can be bolted(recommended) or glued to the asphalt or concrete surface.  A perfect delineation device for busy car parks and warehouses.

The bollards can also be used as posts to attach safety mesh to create a safety fence along a work site to delineate a work zone.